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LCD and LED Modules for Portable Frequency Converter ACS-CP Display panel


Article: ACS-CP Display panel

Part No.: 68564611

Machine Model No.: ACS55/510

Application: portable frequency converter

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This is a portable frequency converter by AB*, of which its display module is made by a COG completely transparent screen and a piece of LED backlight panel. While COG LCD supports 14 languages, its display module is 4*20. This product functions stable during its long use life.

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Normally frequency converter requires dust-free, dry and non-corrosive environment, and there must be a certain space around it so it is good for ventilation and dissipate heat. The ideal condition is that the room is equipped with thermostatic device. As the converter will produce heat and electric parts’ function will be affected by its operation temperature. If there is too much dust on its cooling fins, it will not be good for it to cool down, so the converter will damage faster. And the situation will be the same when the same temperature problem meets LCD and LED backlight modules.

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