Professional LCD Module and LED Backlight Panel manufacturer

capacity touch panel factory

Bonjing Area

touch button for car factory

CNC Precise laser-cutting Area

large backlight factory

LED Backlight Fully-automatic Film Sticking

small backlight factory

Fully-automatic Pad Pasting (Fully Automatic SMT)

custom lightguide factory

Fully Automatic Edge Packing

custom backlight factory


Custom LED backlight factory

12 Zones Reflow Soldering

gambling machine LED panel

Backlight Production Area

custom large lightguide

Backlight Production Area 2

custom screen LED backlight

Backlight Production Area 3

irregular LED backlight factory

Dust-free Room Entry

custom fire alarm lightguide plate factory

2nd Dust-free Room Entry 

car LED backlight factory

Warehouse of Electronic Parts/Materials

LED backlight panel factory

Warehouse of End Products

custom monitor backlight factory

Warehouse of Components and Parts

Light guide plate manufacturers

Warehouse of Components and Parts 

capacity touch panel factory

LCM Testing Area

touch button for car factory

OCA sticking Area

car touch-sensitive button factory

Product Exposion Area

touch sensitive button panel factory

Silk-printing Area

water heater touch panel factory

Quadratic Element Area

gas water heater LCD factory

Product Testing

gas water heater touch screen factory

Laser-cutting Area

gas stove touch panel factory

Testing Area

touch panel for car reading lamp factory

Inspection Area

touch button for car top reading lamp factory

Surface Grinding Area

car dashboard tuoch panel factory

Washing Area

custom super big touch panel factory

Plying Area

custom large touch panel factory

Etching Area

custom irregular shape touch panel factory

Silk-printing Area

custom irregular touch panel factory

OCA Plying Area

10 inches capacity touch panel factory

Film-patching Area

10'' capacity touch panel factory

Pictures Developing Area

10'' touch panel factory

Film Pressing Area

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