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Damaged LCDs must not be Abandoned Directly

Update:July 09,2019

During the whole production process of LCD panels, a certain optical elements and chemical products are applied in the LCD panels. Therefore, once our LCDs are damaged unable to repair, we shall put them in to a specific Recycle Bin instead of throwing them away directly.


Normally, damaged LCDs can be recycled, and so now many Recycling Stations will recycle them so to reuse the valuable elements of the LCDs. But if we throw them away directly, not to say we lost a small sum of money in recycling them, we are polluting the environment and wasting energy. 


At the use of LCDs, we shall not damage them on purpose or use some sharp objects to touch the screen, because it will scratch them or puncture the screens shortening their life. For long use of the LCDS, we shall often clean them with soft cloth to ensure the screen bright and clean.

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