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5.5" PET Touch Panel for Car Touch Button

This 5.5" capacity touch panel is used on cars to install as touch button, but no mechanical button is needed any more.

5.5" PET Touch Button Panel for Car Sensitive Touch Button 

Part No.: TP-3032


  • Material: 


  • Process:  

Silver printing + electrically conductive printing ink

  • Structure:

G+F (single film)

  • Touch method:   

single point capacity touch sensitive

  • Size:  


  • Operating Temp.:  


  • Storage Temp.: 


  • Reliability: 

85% humidity


  • Long use life

  • Quick and precise sensitive touch

  • No extra display is needed, no mechanical button is needed.

  • Release space

  • Large area, different shapes could be customized.

  • RoHS Compliant


This 5.5" PET touch panel can be installed on car doors as sensitive touch button.

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